It’d be great to be twenteen again.

Marian Herud

Blending is an inventive way to form new words. It is done either by combining sounds or meanings of two words. This is how smog came into existence – smoke + fog. Below I give some other notoriously known examples:

brunch – breakfast + lunch

emoticon – emotion + icon

freeware – free + software

infotainment – information + entertainment 

Internet – inter- + network 

Microsoft – microcomputer + software 

malware – malicious + software 

moped – motor + pedal 
motel – motor + hotel 

sitcom – situation + comedy

A nice instance of blending cropped up in one of my classes couple of weeks ago.

Our conversation went like this:

Teacher (me): … so I understand that you’ve been together for quite some time now.

Student: Oh, yes. I met my husband when I was twenteen.

T: (stifled smile) … you mean twelve or twenty or … ?

S: ?

T: ‘Cos you said … “twenteen”.

T, S: (both laughing)

That was one of the cutest blended words I’d heard in a long time. When you think about it, though, it makes sense. I dare to say that majority of early twenty-year-olds refuse to lead the life of an adult and embrace the responsibilities it brings. Although you are twenty-something, you still (can) feel and live like a teenager. It’s great to be twenteen.

crop up – objaviť sa nečakane (problém alebo téme v rozhovore)

stifled smile – potlačaný úsmev

embrace – objať v náručí, prijať (myšlienku, …)

embrace the responsibilities – prijať zodpovednosť